Monday, July 8, 2013

Lemon Thyme Whiskey Sour

thyme is by far my favourite herb, and among that my favourite type is lemon thyme. the lovely citrusy notes to the earthy sweet herbal qualities make it great for cooking, baking and infusing into cocktails. like this infused simple syrup, its so easy to do. the syrup will keep for months refrigerated in a clean sealed jar.
I encourage you to seek out lemon thyme at your garden centre, just one sniff of this herb well sell you on buying two plants, mine has been used down to a little nub! I hope it grows back for more of this cocktail lover approved tipple! my syrup only lasted a week with my friends, better double up when the plant rejuvenates! this whiskey sour is great for summer barbecues or all night drinking sessions.
naturally one is enough but three is always better!

Lemon Thyme Whiskey Sour
Makes 1

inspired by: The Seasonal Cocktail Companion: 100 recipes and projects for 4 seasons of drinking, by Maggie Savarino. a pricelessly inventive cocktail book!

2 measures Whiskey, your preference, I love Bushmills
1 measure Lemon Juice
1 measure Lemon Thyme Syrup (recipe follows)

for Lemon Thyme Syrup:

3/4 cups (180gm) white sugar
1 cup (240ml) water
1 good fistful lemon thyme or thyme
  • using a mortar and pestle crush the thyme with a little sugar, or bruise with your fingers
  • place all ingredients into a sauce pan and bring to boil stirring occasionally
  • let cool and strain out thyme
  • store in a sealed jar in the fridge for 1-2 months
for drink:
  • place all ingredients into a large jar or cocktail shaker with a good amount of ice
  • shake or stir until well chilled
  • strain into a glass tumbler or cocktail glass filled with ice
  • garnish with thyme sprig or thyme flowers and a cocktail cherry

the creative process


  1. I do love a nice whiskey but generally drink it during the cold weather months. This sounds very good and might persuade me to try one on a warms summer evening!

    1. I hear ya David! as the mint julep is the ultimate hot weather whiskey cocktail, this is very similar.