Monday, September 3, 2012

Candied Beetroot Truffles - Beetroot: part 2

 ill save you the chit chat and get straight in to the recipe of our triple beetroot recipe ballooba.
after having the priveledge of working with many amazing and talented people at Theo Chocolate Factory, in Seattle, i naturally think everything should be coated in dark chocolate. the Theo masterminds try chocolate with everything: bacon, jalepeno, saffron, curry, you name it. im not sure if i got the idea from working at theo, but i'm certain the earthy flavour of beetroot with bitter chocolate will be divine. there's a few ideas out there already with chocolate and beetroot like: beetroot brownies, chocolate beetroot cake, beetroot ice cream!, beetroot chips and after googling: 'beetroot chocolate truffles,'  i am now (3 seconds ago) aware that im not the first to make a truffle with beetroot. but who cares? this recipe only has four main ingredients, it also takes minimal active time to make and looks like you spent days and days making the little confections. have fun impressing your friends!


Candied Beetroot Chocolate Truffles
makes 2 dozen truffles

i used a flower shaped cutter for the cnadied beetroot disks, feel free to use your creative juices to make whatever shape you like.

Candied Beetroot Disks:
3 small beetroots, topped, tailed, peeled and sliced 3mm thick
1 cup/ 250g sugar
1 cup/250ml water

  • bring all ingredients to a boil and cover then simmer gently, for 1.5 hours. till beetroot become translucent.
  • carefully pour all ingredients into a container and let cool to room temp.
beetroot disk can be prepared days in advace, and left in fridge in their syrup till needed

fill a small bowl with caster sugar
  • when ready to use, strain liquid off candied beetroot, pat beetroot slices dry with kitchen paper.
  • using a small 2cm cutter cut disks out of beetroot slices (excess beetroot can be chopped and coated in sugar for use in other desserts)
  • coat slices in caster sugar and set aside.

Chocolate Ganache:
175 ml heavy cream
175g 70% dark chocolate drops, or chopped chocolate

  • pour cream into saucepan, on medium heat bring cream to just about boiling.
  • take off heat and stir in chocolate drops
  • let cool to piping consistency
  • fill piping bag (or ziplock bag) fitted with a 1 cm plain tip and pipe tear drops onto candied beetroot disks
  • let truffles set at room temp for one hour.
enjoy at room temperature. truffles can be refirgerated in an airtight container for one week. if you have any left over ganache stir in candied beetroot pieces and roll into small balls for a more traditional shaped truffle.


  1. WOW! Taylor - fantastic blog - I LOVE it!! photos are brilliant and you write in your own voice - really love that! Thank you for linking to my blog! I'm putting you on mine right now! The background is great too, so green and fresh - perfect for your food and garden posts! I will DEFO be back!


  2. Looks amazing! I bet they tasted incredible!

  3. thanks guys. the recipe works, kevin approved!