Saturday, May 25, 2013

Radish, Smoked Butter and Flaky Sea Salt



I thought i'd share with you this delicious simple recipe, you could really call it a crudité. It's a classic combination with a little twist, using that smoked butter I made a couple weeks ago. the combination of fresh radish, creamy butter and a bit of sea salt is wonderful. the background smokeyness is a great bonus too. if you don't have a chance to smoke your butter fresh salted butter would be just fine. this recipe is a great starter for dinner or drinks or for a casual picnic in the garden.

Growing Radishes:
i'm growing these cool 'easter egg 'radishes in my garden, they come in purple (above), pink and white. a great blast of colour to any salads. radish is a fantastic first time veg for the garden novice, its ready in nearly a month and can be sown early in the year while its still chilly out, say mid march-ish. the seedling need to be thinned to around 2 inches then when the roots start to grow big enough they can be harvested. the greens are nice in soup as well as chopped up fine in salads, too. lookout for the more interesting varieties like: 'Black Spanish' or 'French Breakfast'

Radish, Smoked Butter and Flaky Sea Salt
country bread, sliced and lightly toasted
fresh picked radishes, washed and sliced super thin
flaky sea salt like: Maldon, for garnish
chive blossoms, for garnish
  • if serving this dish as a nibble with drinks or small appetizer, cut the bread into 'two bite' pieces, for a starter dish or picnic leave slices whole
  • begin the crudité assembly by generously spreading the smoked butter on the toasted bread
  • arrange the radish slices in a decorative pattern
  • garnish with chive blossoms and flaky sea salt


  1. I find that growing radishes is a bit "hit and miss". I do all the right things, but sometimes they do well, and sometimes they fail completely. They bolt at the slightest excuse. Pics of some radishes on my blog tomorrow!

  2. Looks splendid - waiting on my radishes to fully "bulb up"