Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Garden Layout for 2013

a look back at 2012's plants, the spuds on the right created a lovely wind break from prevailing sea winds. i'm going to try and contain them more this year, some vines reached around 6 feet!
Garden Layout 2013:
this is my new garden layout for the coming season. im trying my best to incorporate a bit of 'no-dig' practices and proper crop rotation. im failing a bit with the rotation side of things, so i'll incorporate more nutrients into the soil with homemade seaweed/nettle/comfrey fertilizers and well rotted manure. rotation has been a bit difficult, since im trying to place contrasting colours and textures together in my planting. im excited to get the plants going and i have plans for putting up a wooden arbour over the central seating area, for sweet peas and vines! im also trying to add height to the garden with wooden pea/bean wig wams and creating a useful wind break on the left side of the garden with broad beans and orache.

this is last years garden layout: (apologies if these drawings are a bit hard to read. i couldn't figure out how to do a digital garden layout on my computer, there is a bit of improvement in 2013's design layout though!)

you can also checkout my garden layout page here, or click the Garden Layout tab at the top of this page, there's also a link to last years garden walkthrough on the page as well. thanks for reading!

a closer look at the 2012 encroaching spud patch. i'm thinking of making a chicken wire support/barrier around this years crop to keep them from spreading out into other areas.


  1. SO is it an expansion or more densely planted

  2. actually david, the expansion is in progress! we're building a long cloched bed along the right side of this bed for basil and tender herbs. really excited! should be an extra 45 square feet. your expansion look great btw! i like your slanted frame idea for cold frames.