Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sour Apple Martini

wow! im back after 4 weeks in thailand and im spinning in disbelief! but reinspired for the new year and food and blogging and gardening. it was getting tough to pull it together before i left. the weather had been well... you may already have guessed- rainy. theres been flooding and freezes and wind storms. the garden i have to say is in need of a lot of tlc and a good going over. the hens ransacked the rainbow chard and started on my flower bulb shoots, while i was away. so some chicken defense is in order for this spring.

thailand gave me loads of ideas for the kitchen and garden, i even snuck in a few seed packets!to try in the poly tunnel! while i was in thailand inever had one bad meal, which brings thai food into the top ranking spot for best world cuisine in my book! i mean, really, when were you last on holiday and all the food was perfect? never? most likely, unless you were in thailand.... so of course i'll be doing a few thai styled dishes for the blog, including: thai breakfsat soup, masamam curry, and pad thai.

im also delighted because the hens missed the purple sprouting broccolli, and its nearly ready for the table! i've had my first mini munch on a few tiny sprouts and i can hardly wait! there's one celriac left which ive got eyes on for a winter salad, and really thats it! there are quite a few beetroots left so im going to put my pickler cap on and get busy.

this recipe i started before i left the country last month. for some reason the image upload for blogger wasnt working,  which meant i had to cut it short and jet. but you can imagine me drinking these around new years and testing the recipe with friends and after thorough research (and a few fuzzy heads) we came up with a final mix to my Sour Apple Martini's. If you have been reading along before, I first started my batch of Sour Apple Vodka in November, after 7 weeks of marinating the end result was reached! Its super delicious and syrupy, perfect for this highly drinkable and dangerously potent cocktail. You will be able to downgrade to apple cider once you've enjoyed one or two Appletinis, the recipe only calls for a small amount, so you will have leftovers to finish!

if you are going to make your own sour apple vodka, click here. i recomend doubling the batch! its too good. have fun!!

DIY cocktail tools

Sour Apple Martini
Makes 1

Feel free to double up on the mix if you're making more than one cocktail. A large jam jar with a tight fitting lid is perfect for a cocktail shaker. For measuring your cocktail ingredients use a cocktail jigger, or a shot glass.

1 part Vodka
2 parts Homemade Sour Apple Vodka, or DeKuyper brand sour apple snapps
2 Parts Dry Apple Cider
Chilled martini glasses from the freezer
Apple Slices covered in water with lemon juice

  • In a cocktail shaker, place a good bit of ice and the two vodkas. Fit on lid and give a good dozen or more shakes to chill the spirits
  • Add the apple cider and stir gently to chill
  • Strain the cocktail into your martini glasses
  • Garnish with a slice of apple and a sliver of lemon peel

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