Friday, July 19, 2013

Salads Everyday

French breakfast radishes with greens
here in west cork, we are having the best weather in it seems like a century! you don't even want to think about cooking, its that warm. spain is even cooler than here, global warming? maybe. does it matter? not right now! (i'm half joking there) we seriously haven't had rain in weeks.

despite the lack of rain, one of the great things about this time of year is every time i go to the garden, there's something new to pick and chop up into a salad. which is great for a hot afternoon.
there's cauliflower, courgette, cabbage, kale, peas, beetroot, radishes, spinach, lettuce, onions, chard.... you get what i mean? its a great time to have a garden and this post is a celebration of that fact.

there's no recipe today but there's more posts on the way like: a tangy slaw for tacos, elderflower fizz and cocktails (yes, MORE cocktails!) and a recipe that goes great with crispy calamari. enjoy the photos, there's loads more on the FWDR instagram page.

little gems are a great lettuce to grow if the slugs don't get to them first!

smoked mackerel with chard, fennel and flowers

chard, mizuna, red orache and prickly seed spinach

black and red kales

the first beetroot got grated into this huge salad destined for a beach BBQ.


  1. Such bounty! I agree this is a great time to be a gardener! and the tomatoes and peppers are yet to start rolling in.

    1. Just picked my first tomatoes! Really summer now!

  2. We have similar weather here. Most unusual! I love the style of your salad photos. It makes the food look very attractive. I could imagine some of those being used as adverts by a salad-producer - you know: "Serving suggestion"

    1. Thanks a mill, mark! I always take extra photos and choose the best ones for the blog. I might ask some local veg producers if they need advertising help!